Superior 物业管理 for Your Clients.


Your Clients Stay Your Clients

We will never try to sell real estate to or for 你的客户. 如果你的客户 ever expresses a desire to buy or sell property, we will contact you immediately.


To extend our appreciation to you, we offer a rental property 推荐计划 with competitive referral fees! 联系 our office with any questions or for more information about our 推荐计划 rates.

Superior 物业管理 for Your Client

  • Free rent analysis to find optimum rent
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Enforcement of tenant behavior
  • 租赁管理
  • Convenient owner and tenant portals
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • 24/7 portals and live voice support
  • Promopt主人了
  • Move-in, move-out Inspections
Professional Guarantee

与yaboAPP合作! get started today by referring your client needing property management.


Developing Connections

We know that making and developing connections with customers and clients is essential to your success as a real estate professional. Our property managers will make sure 你的客户 stay 你的客户, and we will handle your agent referrals with special care to ensure 你的客户 are treated with the same professionalism, competence, and courtesy that they would expect from you.


As a full-service property management solution, PMI Green Country offers property marketing across all applicable marketing channels. In fact, our rental tenant placement services work because we understand exactly how to conduct property marketing in order to find exactly the right tenants for our property owner clients. We'll advertise your properties and administer a realtor referral program to easily find you the most qualified tenants on the market.


As part of our rental management services, you’ll have access to qualified referrals from our realtor 推荐计划. Realtors who are contacted for help finding a rental property will be aware of your open properties and will be incentivized to help find the right kind of tenants for those properties.

With our tenant placement services, we'll make sure to find and retain happy and cooperative tenants for 你的客户. 今天yaboAPP!

Your Clients Will Always Stay Your Clients


We are committed to forging strong alliances within our real estate community. Our property managers foster and promote your long lasting relationships with clients and tenants.

If a client mentions or expresses a desire to buy or sell a rental property, we notify the referring realtor immediately. We will NEVER try to solicit your client as a buyer or to secure their listing. 联系 our property management company for more information about our agent 推荐计划 and what we do to make sure 你的客户 remain 你的客户 for life!

Benefits of Our Broker Referral Program

Benefits of our Program

Below are just a few of the advantages of our superior realtor 推荐计划:

  • We do not sell real estate to 你的客户
  • Guaranteed agent 推荐计划
  • Very competitive realtor incentive
  • Your clients stay 你的客户
  • We treat 你的客户 as you would
  • Prompt funds disbursement
  • 加多了

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